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No, the creature dubbed the "mer" is a futuristic primate that has adapted for aquatic life yet also spends time onshore in colonies, similar to seals, walruses and sea lions. This creature evolved naturally alongside the futuristic shark that evolved from present day sharks and was brown in color, were close to the size of an average car and had a similar anatomy to modern day sharks.

The evolved shark also had an extendable proboscis in its jaws, described as a tongue covered in teeth, which it used to grab prey and pull it into its jaws. Its possible the futuristic shark preyed upon the aquatic primate or they may have competed with each other for food.Its unknown how the bat-like predators from the future evolved but its likely they were accidentally created in scientific experimentation by humans. A few escaped captivity and managed to avoid capture long enough to breed and combat the human race for dominion over the planet. The numbers of predators eventuially won and humanity was likely wiped out (along with a number of other species) though some bird species still exist.

The giant insects probably evolved from ants or bees and appeared to compete with the futuristic predators for food. Its unknown whether either the giant insects or the futuristic predators still exist though as the future in which they exist was cancelled out by the Anomaly Research Centre.

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