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First Version of the Future: Future Predators

Second Version of the Future:

A few centuries in the future are crumbling abandon cities that are filled with the Future Predators and Megopterans that wiped out the human race.

50 million years in the future are futuristic primates that have evolved to live in the water called Mer Creatures, sharks have evolved to grow a tongue to grab their victims and pull it into their mouths.

100 million years in the future are Camo Beasts that can camouflage to match their environment and stalk their prey Future birds have also evolved to control weak minded animals.

500 million years in the future the earth is covered in jungles and deserts due to sun expansion. A type of parasitic fungus that mutates its victims to hunt prey has evolved.

Third Future:

After New Dawn causes the earth to be demolished, the atmosphere was destroyed and the resources drained. The earth became a rocky desert filled with toxic storms and poisonous gases. Mutated versions of Future Predators stalk the surface while giant burrowing insects and swarms of flesh eating beetles reside underground to avoid the harsh conditions. Humans built bunkers and filled them with resources to survive but were all killed off eventually.

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