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Episode 1: "The New World"- 2 Utahraptors, 1 Pteranadon, and 1 Albertosaurus

Episode 2: "Sisiutl"- 1 Titanaboa

Episode 3: "Fear of Flying"- Jurrasic Beetles

Episode 4: "Angry Birds"- 2 adult and 1 juvenile Terror Birds

Episode 5: "Undone"- 2 Lychaenops

Episode 6: "Clean Up In Aisle Three"- 6 or more Daemonosaurus's 

Episode 7: "Babes in the Woods"- 2 Ornitholestes

Episode 8: "Truth"- 1 Pachycepholosaurus

Episode 9: "Breakthrough"- 1 Triceratops

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