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if there was one of each than the mer creature would probly win bacause it is bigger and has big tusks

It could actually depend. If it was a regular Mer vs. Future Predator, the future predator would definitely win because it is more agile and has much more offensive tactics and weaponry than the Mer. But if it was a queen Mer vs. a Future Predator, it could go either way. The queen Mer was absolutely gigantic and had ridiculously huge tusks. So the predator was definitely more agile, but it wouldn't have been able to score much damage because of the queen Mer's fat and body size. Now if the queen Mer was able to either grab the Predatore and either slam it to the ground or bite it or even land on it, the predator would've been done for. But the Mer would have to be seriously lucky to get precise aim.

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